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The World

Thousands of years ago, this land was under one political system. But over the centuries, as towns and cities grew, society was plagued with poverty, conflict, and competition for resources. Conflicts escalated.

Fighting classes began to develop – groups of skilled men and women who studied combat and honorably defended their homelands. Fighters who made peace with neighboring towns formed larger regions and appointed their strongest member as Region Leader. These Region Leaders formed armies to defend and govern the towns in their area.

But these militarized states only led to larger conflicts between neighboring regions. Rather than develop trade and prosperity, this constant state of feudal warring brought only poverty and death. Some Region Leaders were desperate to find ways to help the impoverished, but others ruthlessly sought the power to rule and fought to claim more territory for themselves.

In a desperate effort to end the constant bloodshed, a great truce was called. A ruling Council was created to make unified decisions and hold authority over all Region Leaders. The land was then divided into three empires: Althaea, Minetta, and Valenia, marking the birth of the Alliance.

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Althaeans uphold the belief that only the strongest fighters are fit to rule a region. As a result, region leaders often change hands, if not for glory, then for the scarce resources across its dry lands. Althaea’s economic prosperity comes from minerals and the inventions crafted from hāstals, and often comes at the cost of the common people.

Capital Region: Althaea Main
Regions: Altha Hills, Evaleen, Axillaire, Nanaka, Ophallen

Lovers of norkfruit and seekers of the finest leather, look no further. The freshest and most abundant resources are produced in Minetta. Anyone seeking to raise a happy, stable family will settle among one of the many forests and harbor towns in the region, often taking up jobs as farmers or merchants.

Capital Region: Avon
Regions: Saon, Oban

The people of Valenia have long-established peace with each other, eliminating the need for regions, and instead operate as small tribal communities. While Althaeans and Minettans continue to fight over resources, Valenians have remained laissez-faire, focusing their efforts on harmonizing with mother nature. Money is rarely used as tribes openly share and work together. Notable inventors have found ways to make life easier, skyrocketing the quality of living and bringing unimaginable wealth to all Valencians.

Capital: the Hearth
Main Tribes: Aegis, Umbra, Celta, Paragon

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