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The Alliance Series

For readers who love a balance of action, humor, and political intrigue… Leigh Bardugo meets Final Fantasy in this immersive epic adventure.

1st Place – Debut Author 2nd Place – Fantasy
Gold Award Winner
2021 Finalist
Best New Fiction
5-Star Reader Views
Finalist – Teens
Adventure: Epic Winner
Fiction: Fantasy Winner

“Strong, solid, and a world fully imagined.”
Lee Barckmann, Reader Views

Rare and dazzling. Combines the best of contemporary imagination.”
-Carol W, AuthorsReading.com

“The story picks up and scatters mysteries like breadcrumbs.”
-Morgan Gerrish, Reedsy Review

A lot of passion went into bringing these characters to life.”
Feathered Quill Book Awards

“The writing style in this imaginative book is excellent throughout.
-Literary Titan

“I liked how diverse the main characters were, all very unique in their own ways.”
Noah, San Francisco Book Review

Ten years have passed and he has forgotten her.

But Mirari would still do anything to save her childhood friend from the executioner’s sword.

Meanwhile, Fangbane has spent his life trying to end centuries of social and political hostility. As his fame spreads, brave Knights rally to his cause.

But to truly succeed, Fangbane must have two others: Gaven, the headstrong warrior he helped put on death row, and Mirari, a simple merchant with a past as secretive as her formidable magical ability. Their aid could be the difference between success and failure.

Can Gaven put aside his apathy to fully commit to the alliance?

Will Mirari become a worthy fighter and subdue her desire for revenge?

With the threat of a growing movement of underground vigilantes bent on tipping the system, the Knights must act quickly. Time is running out to rid the world of evil.

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Series Progress

Novella: Echoes of Enmity
Book 2: Birth of Resilience
Line Editing
Book 3: Edge of Divergence
Developmental Editing